Power-on shakes and rolls
  • Hi, I have my large Cinestar sized hand held with DSLR working really good, but one thing eludes me. If I shut down, and come back later, or the next day and power on, I get excessive shaking and rolling of the motor axis.

    Perhaps other have experienced this. I can get it all tuned and working, do shoot shooting with everything balanced and working flawless.

    If I come back the next day and start it up - everything is still and level, I get oscillation, the motors start rolling, tilting, pitching. Then if I quickly load another profile it sometimes comes back into alignment or if I do a "Set Angles" button sequence while holding the bucking gimbal. I just want to figure out a way to start up a day later and not have it go crazy in front of my clients.

    I have tried it with both skip gyro calibration at start up and not. It just seems to always go crazy only on start up the next time I use it. Perhaps it's trying to go back to the last position from the previous session? I have to continue to troubleshoot this to see if I need to always load a certain profile and do a gyro cal at start up. Someone said to put the gimbal on the deck, so the IMU is absolutely motionless and cal.

    Anyone else cure this?
  • Did you sort this?

    Would be interested in hearing your solution.

  • I still get this, but I jump into Joytick mode and it goes away. Someone told me this, but I have not tried it, Put Follow mode in Profile 1. Then in the GUI load profile 1. Now disconnect and power down. The gimbal should load into Profile 1 on power up from now on without the shakes. See if it works?
  • I have follow me on profile 2, but it starts on follow me. I think this is as profile 2 is the last profile that was loaded from the GUI. So follow me does not necessarily need to be profile 1 to start on it.
  • I have on profile 2 and working ok. I realized that the only profile where I can really check the motor inversion is here. I had shakes on it reversed one of the motors and solved the problem
  • Just push it back by hand the pitch if it does that. Make sure when u startup the camera is pointing straight forward, also can lean more to the back but not to the front downwards. I had this problem when i startup my rig and my camera was pointing a littlebit to far to the front, when this happend i pulled it back by hand and it was gone. Think its a flaw in FW or maybe because there is not feedback from a second imu like there is with the movi, movi doesnt use second imu but some sort of second mechanism to tell where the pitch and roll is by startup
  • We have found in 2.2 at least, that if you write a profile and power down, when you disconnect and power up it will be in that last profile. I just load my Joystick profile on startup and all is well. If I forget and it's starting in Profile 2 (follow for me), I just click the button once and all is good. Didn't try pushing the camera up on pitch, but will do that to see what happens.