Brand NEW Tiny BCG board is acting as the Camera IMU, and the Camera IMU is not working at all
  • I have two Tiny BCG boards and one is working fine while the other one is not working correctly. The bad BCG Board is acting as the Camera IMU and the actual Camera IMU is not sending any data although it shows a red LED indicating power. I have tried swaping the frame and main IMU's with the GUI and nothing happens. The Tiny BCG board still thinks it is the Camera IMU itself.

    I know I am doing nothing wrong as I also have a large SimpleBCG board that works perfectly too. I am pretty sure I am not missing any steps or anything. I have reset the "bad" Tiny BCG to factory defaults and recorvery firmware and that still did not fix anything. I feel I recieved a defective board which if tested when hooked up to a camera IMU it would of been known that the board is faulty. Does BaseCAM do any quality testing of their boards because I can't keep buying boards if some of them are potentially going to be bad?
  • Does the other Tiny BCG work OK? Does the "broken board" work on the working Tiny BCG setup?

    It could be IMU, Cable, Connectors, Board...
  • There is one good Tiny BCG and one "broken board".

    + The "broken board" does not work on the good board setup.
    + The good board works on the "broken board" setup.
    + The camera IMU from the "broken board" works on the good board.
    + The IMU cable from the "broken board" works on the good board.
    + We have also tested the Larger Original SimpleBCG on both setups and works fine.

    We have tried everything we can think of to identify the problem, and it seems the "broken board" thinks it is a Camera IMU (Main sensor) not a Frame IMU (Frame sensor).

    I really would like an exchange for a new board as this is totally frustrating as hell and I have lost several days trying to solve for a "broken board" out of the box.

    On a side note our original Tiny SimpleBGC came with a defective IMU out of the box and we had to use the IMU from the Large Original SimpleBGC until we got a replacement shipped with the next set of Tiny SimpleBGC's. This next set had a bunk SimpleBGC. I have spent over $400 with Basecam in the past few months and it is very frustrating that I basically feel like I spent $130+ for broken hardware.
  • I am using these boards for prototyping purposes and I need to buy at least 3-4 more boards.. If one out of three boards/IMUs are bad that is a huge waste of money and time for me.. How can we be sure BaseCam does quality assurance testing on their boards so that these problems do not continue? Again I really can not stress enough I have a limited budget and it is not fair to have to purchase products that appear to be having such a high defective rate.
  • tkseward,

    Why wouldn't you contact your supplier and ask for the exchange?
  • because i want to make sure there isnt something i am missing, but it seems like i need to just ask for an exchange.. the supplier is BASECAM.. bought it from them directly
  • also I am not one to feel confident returning electronic equipment as there is really now surefire way to prove the blame is on the manufacture or the buyer. In some cases yes there are definite ways to prove the electronic was defective out of the box but in cases where the product just doesnt work right it is hard to say who is to blame.. so other than complaining I am not usually one to try and get a refund or exchange on electronics.. i would just rather see the company use more rigorous quality control as I have bought countless electronics from different manufactures all over the world, and never have i experienced such failure at such a low volume of purchases..
  • I think you are a bit overthinking it. if you have two boards and one is clearly broken as one works and other one does not on the same setup, just ask for replacement.

    One broken board tells really nothing about quality control, many broken board would, but I do not many complaining about broken boards.

    There is one thing you could try, save the EEPROM from the healthy board and load it to the broken board. And also load working profile. Then it is sure it is no setup related. But it sounds you just simply have a broken board.

  • (Garug) is right, if it was not your IMU's or setting then send it back. Also if you plug in the battery & ground connection into the wrong pins.......... then you might of overheated it or blew the voltage regulator.