• I am fine tuning our new mount with GBM8017-120T motors, tilt = direct drive / roll 2:1 belt drive / pan 3:1 belt drive.

    I use the latest Alexmos board with the L6234 extension board for the pan axel, firmware is 2.30b5

    Roll is perfect, the tilt almost perfect but the pan still have some small cocking, so I am looking for some hints for solving this.





  • I would try lower power settings, below 200 and higher P and D. I guess higher D should help. Are you using 4S?

    I am not quite sure what the 'I' actually does. My experimenting and manual explanation do not correspond. but anyway, I would experiment with 'I' too. I think lower 'I' value for Yaw.

    Though I guess your motor has 28 poles and 84 comes from 3 x 28, I would experiment with this value also.

    Also limit acceleration is quite low? But I have not experimented with this.
  • Thanks for your input Garug.

    In my case lowering the power dit not work and make things worse.

    After some more tuning I think I have nailed it :)

    This are the new setting, boards are running on 20V see right lower corner, motors are about 50°
    Disregard the i2c errors, its just a screen shot.


    The result footage.

  • wow, impressive gimbal :).
    did it work well in real flight and in windy environment without vibrations? i ask because i have also an gimbal with included landing gear. but here i get vibrations especially in roll pivot if there is soft wind or if airflow from props hit the gimbal. for example is you fly left or right sideways.
  • Thanks :)

    The mount is just finished and rainy weather overhear so still no maiden flight.
  • How does it perform if you move the quad frame? (kind of movements that can happen during the flight)

    The P and D parameters look quite low, but that could of-course be the combination of motor, high voltage and reduction gear.

    Hopefully the weather clears out, it will be interesting to see how the reduction gear and integrated landing gear performs on real life.

    Thanks for providing the progress reports. This is certainly an interesting gimbal.
  • Have you tried PWM freq Low?

    Also, this may help to sort settings

  • Yesterday I went out for a test flight, when arrived I noticed that the SC card for the GH2 was still at home :(
    Although the Kratos was shaking in flight because it needs lower gains with this heavier mount the picture was looking real dispassionate and steady on the ground monitor:)


  • Looks cool.
  • Andyg01

    I know of the tuning guide from Fabien, but IMHO its needs an update and a better description on how to tune al the settings and what the influence is especially for big mounts, hope that Alex can fill this in one time!!

  • PTW, how can pictures be attached to a post on this forum?
  • just copy the link without any extra's, same for video.
  • Ah, ok, so the picture needs to be already stored in some service, Thanks.
  • I use picturepush, great platform!!