Option to use virtual channel for Scripting Trigger
  • Hi there,

    Im using Sum PPM to control my gimbal. And now trying to use the new scripting function.

    As on the manual, it say that trigger currently only from hardware pin.

    Is there any possibility to trigger it by using virtual channel?

    Thank you.
  • Since no reply i would assume its impossible?
  • See the additional variables
  • Hello.
    If you want to run script from the Sum-PPM receiver, its possbile: assign a virtual channel to CMD chanel, than "Run script XX" to any of 3 CMD states. (in the RC tab). Another way is via Adjustable variables (see corresponding section in the manual)

    "Trigger hardware pin" - I assume that it relates to script functionality and waht script can do, but not to how it can be started.

    Regards, Aleksey