Pitch shaking when i'm walking
  • Hello guys,
    After @garug 's help, I could tune my gimbal almost properly.
    The yaw and roll seems to be ok, but when I walk, the pitch moves up/down, causing a bad effect on the image.
    I've recorded some footage to explain what happens.

    As I sayd, the yaw and roll seems to be ok (at least for me, could it be better?), but the pitch is a mess.
    I tuned the PID many times, and couldn't get a better configuration...
    I'm using GBM 5208 (4S), and the PID for the pitch is: 9 / 0.08 / 70 and power is 180.
    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks
  • I suspect that is mechanical problem. Does the pitch move freely, is it well balanced? Is camera strongly installed and IMU?

    Your P is really low and D really high. How does it work if you set P to 20 and D between 10 and 40 (to D value that provides best result)?

  • @garug,
    You're right.
    There are no mechanical probems, and the IMU is very good installed, but I set the PID 20 - 0.08 - 40, and now is working much better (better than low D's).
    I will post a new video tomorrow.
    Thank you.
  • Try to get the P still higher and find D value that works god with high P, raise P couple of steps at the time. When it is not possible to get the gimbal stop vibrating lower the P about 20%, and use the D that best works with that value. Then you can try to adjust 'I' higher and retune P and D if needed.

    The goal is to get P high with support of D and keep 'I' reasonably high.
  • @garug , guys,
    I did the tuning that you told me, and is waay better.

    I tried many different PID configurations, and this is the one that works better.
    The camera was a T3I with 18-55 lens.
    But, I'm worried about some things.
    I still feeling little bumps when I walk. Is it normal? Can I minimize it? How?

    And the last problem is when I move the gimbal left or right. When I move ir more than +-35 degrees, the yaw starts to shake, and only gets normal when it comes close to home position... What could it be?

    Many thanks.
  • The gimbal does not remove up and down movement, or sideways movement or front and back. Those you can eliminate only by moving well and you are doing quite good job on that. The gimbal stabilizes only pitch, roll and yaw movement.

    What axis do you mean ? "when I move the gimbal left or right"
  • Thank you, Garug,
    I mean the Yaw,
    When I move the gimbal left or right faster, it starts to shake around 35 degrees, doesn't matter if i'm using the follow mode, or not..
  • Yaw normally does not care of the rotation, is your handle somehow special, is there some binding on the motor?

    Also make sure Yaw inverted is correctly set with the motor auto function.
  • You are correct Garug,
    The problem is in the roll.
    I'll make a video explaining, could be better to understand.

  • Garug,
    I did the test to show you.
    I'm "almost" sure that is a Roll issue, could it be?
  • What FW is that. 2.55b3 had some problems that could be related to that.

    To me it looks pitch (the outer-frame / Handle is having the problems)

    It is also, that order of axis is not fully supported, how have you configured it. Is that gimbal developed by your self?

    It is also that you are moving it very fast. does it happen when you move it slowly?

  • I see that you use order of axes that is not standard. When you rotate frame too fast, gimbal moves close to "gimbal lock condition" where normal stabilization is not possible. Another problem: software does not think that such configuration of motors is possible, and apply compensation based on different model of relative motor positions.

    Wait for a new version of sowtware where such order of axes will be supported. For now, the only solution is to keep 90 degree angle (or close to it) between all motors.
  • Ok Guys, thank you for the reply.
    I did the gimbal interely by myself...
    @garug it happens when I move it fast or slowly....
    @alexmos I will wait, and try what you said.
    Thank you all..
  • Great thread guys. I've bookmarked it. Thank you.
  • @alexmos , @garug .. a fast solution could be set a maximum yaw rotation angle. With this, I can set a angle to Yaw stop the rotation before "enter" in the "shaking angle area". Is it possible? I tried in the RC, and worked for the pitch and roll, but not for the yaw, it keeps moving freely until starts the shaking...