spare IMU cables ?
  • Hi all,

    I need to buy some (preferably long) cables to hook up the sensors to my alexmos board. I would like to replace the whole cable. iFlight sell extension cables but this won't do as one of my cables is damaged and needs completely replacing. I can't find anywhere to buy them online at all. Does any one know a good vendor ?

    Thanks a lot !
  • What kind of cable do you have? One place is very close where you now are, i.e. BaseCam shop at this website
    ;-) http://www.basecamelectronics.com/store/

    Seems to come with IMU, but if you contact them, probably you can buy the cable only also.
  • I have a 32-bit board, the cable looks the same ! Thanks Garug, I'll get in touch directly with basecam.
  • Ok so i got in touch with basecam, they said they don't have my exact type of cable. After some research it turns out pretty much every manufacturer uses their own different i2c connector ... My board is from Quanum and its pretty much impossible to reach them, they have a contact page but no response.

    My only option other than spending €180 on a whole new alexmos system (even though everything on mine works apart from the dead cable) is to remove the connectors on the IMUs and attach new ones, or solder cables directly to the board. If I do this at least nothing will come loose.

    Has anyone tried this ?? Will it work ? Someone on this forum said the connections were super sensitive and needed to be soldered with some special pro technique, but the soldering looks pretty normal to me, though fiddly and small. Anyone have any advice on this ?
  • I soldered to the pins on the board connector, it takes a fine tip soldering iron of which i have only one. for the IMU side I clipped off the end of another cable and soldered the assembly. It works perfectly. Also I use a Vellman VTSSC40N temp controlled soldering station with lead solder. The lead requires less heat than the silver and will not damage the tiny board traces.
  • My yellow IMU cable(8bit board) wire of the gimbal at the end of the sensor is out of the white plug. Is there a safe and relatively easy way to fix this for a technical noob like myself? Thnx
  • @basho i am also looking for the same solution