I need advice for tuning PID settings
  • I finally have my gimbal balance and am now making an attempt to set my PID settings. I will admit that I have NO idea what I am doing here. I have watched as many videos online as I could find but I am still not doing so well. Does anyone have any advice on howthey achieved good results?

    I have read that you should go one axis at a time. But should you start that one axis by putting in a random number for power and then starting with the P values?

    I am getting really frustrated with my purchase. I have had this gimbal for 3 months and have not been able to get it to work. There are so many kinds and camera differences online I can't seem to find any help.

    I have a CameTV 7000 gimbal with 32bit board. Using software v2.42 with a Pansonic GH4 camera. Help please.
  • Update your firmware to 2.50b2 and use the auto tuning feature. Make sure your camera is balanced on all 3 axis and the gimbal structure is rigid.