cause of very slow yaw drift?
  • If I leave my gimbal on for a long period of time the yaw will drift, somewhere around 1-2degree every 5 minutes

    Could this be related to a temperature calibration issue if transient heat is affecting the frame IMU? (it is near yaw motor in an enclosure which can get warm with usage.)

    Will re-calibrating accelerometers help?
  • Gyro calibration will help, but it is normal o have some drift. The gyro is not that accurate.
  • is gyro temperature calibration stored uniquely for frame and camera IMU?

    Meaning that, if during usage, if the camera IMU is in the shade and the Frame IMU is in the sun and the frame IMU heats but the Camera IMU does not, will it compensate for the independent frame IMU change? or does it only compensate both IMUs compensations as one?

    also, would accelerometer temp calibrations help at all with drift?
  • Accelerometers detect only the x, y, z acceleration, they do not detect rotation at all. only rate gyro detects angular movement. (but better have accelerometers also well calibrated, they affect roll and Pitch.)

    As I understand the Frame and Camera calibration data are stored separately, they are also calibrated separately. I am not sure how much frame IMU drift affects yaw drift, but probably it does.
  • ok, thank you.
    I did a couple "rock-steady" gyro calibrations and it significantly reduced the drift I was seeing.
    things are looking much better.

    after a firmware upgrade I lost my accelerometer calibrations, so im not sure why it is working as good as it is, but I will have to take care of that again.
  • thank you for the Magnetometer feature, I am waiting for my chips to arrive... this sounds like it will resolve the inherent gyro drift issue for my primary usage scenario.