Analyze Tab
  • When you save results after an analysis:
    - What is the data record rate (I think I need it to calculate frequency)?
    - What is column A (input signal?) and column B (gimbal result?)?
  • Also, what are the units of the numbers in the saved file (degrees, degree change, dB)?
  • Hi Forrest, i am suffering also about this topic. İ want to draw bode plot based on excel data information but i don't know how i can interpret them. İf you understand what are they, could you please inform me ?
  • Hello again, I asked these question to Basecam directly and they answered nicely.


    1) Sampling time - 800 us
    2) Column A is input, B is output. Units - raw gyro sensor output units. +-32767 maps to +-2000 deg./sec.
    3) Units of gain - undefined and does not matter, I guess. All information you can find from input and output.
  • Hi,

    Do any any of you guys know what the input signal is and what it's units are?