Board works fine for approx. 1 min, then sensors freeze, any ideas ? is my board fried ?
  • Hi there,
    I am having problems with my alexmos board. Every so often the camera sensor appears to disconnect, in the GUI the sensor dials go dead. Sometimes this happens with both the frame and the camera sensor. It use to only happen with the battery connected. Now it happens all the time, after about 30s-1min after connection, usually after moving the axes of the gimbal around a bit.

    This board has had this problem since I got it (its my first) but everything seems to work fine before the dials go dead :(

    Could this be a problem with the cables or is it a known problem with bad boards ? Do I need ferrite rings or something ?

    Can anyone please help ? this is driving me crazy !

    Many thanks !
  • that is not normal, verify cables and connectors.
  • Thanks for the reply !

    everything looks fine cosmetically with cable and connectores, though there is a bit of play in the connection on the frame IMU which links to the camera IMU. if i tug on the cable a bit the connector moves out a bit (1 or 2mm), unlike the other connectors which stay in place. It won't come out completely if I pull on it though and it appears to stay in enough to stay connected. Would this be enough to cause a problem though ?

    If so how can I secure it better ? is there anywhere i can buy a new cable if I need to ? I don't see anything wrong with the connectors themselves so ( hopefully ) I won't have to buy a new board ...