Pitch control only works with USB connected - board v1.0 f/w 2.40 b7
  • This is very strange. I have perfect pitch control via TX when the usb is connected but not when 3s battery is connected. I don't even have to have the GUI connected. Using on APM 3.1.5 RC10 or 11 works fine but *only* when usb cable is connected. Any ideas? Thank you for the help in advance.
  • Maybe your receiver is getting power, or enough power only when USB is connected.
  • cliffy, would be nice to look at the detailed picture of your controller here!
  • thank you for the replies. Im not sure how to attach photos here but will upload at least a link soon. The RX operates the hex fine im not sure what you mean Garug. the gimbal controller is USB connected like you would use to tweak via the gui. BUT, i dont even have to connect to the gui for the pitch to work. is it possible the usb is producing a needed ground to the controller? like i said the gimbal works fine on x and y axis I just dont have pitch control via TX unless usb is connected. ill get a link to the photo soon. thank you.
  • If the Receiver is powered separately, you should not power it via the board, cut the + 5 V between board and receiver.
  • Garug, the RX is powered via bec. I have ch6 signal going to APM from RX. Then assign Ch6 to RC10 or 11 on APM Mission Planner. Then connect that signal wire from RC10 or 11 *only* to RC Pitch on gimbal board. The only other power to the gimbal is the 3s battery. I'm sorry im not following you. thank you. dropbox link of controller board below.
  • Found the problem. The APM post regarding gimbals only told me to connect the signal pin from the APM (RC10 or RC11) to the gimbal controller. Well, i needed a ground cable too. That fixed it. Thank you for the reply posts. Closing.