3 axis gimbal seems possessed IMU wont set. Cant figure out whats wrong. PLEASE HELP
  • Gimbal started acting up the other day and I still haven't figured out whats wrong. The roll, pitch and yaw arrows on the right of the sbgc app just continually spin, even when the gimbal is perfectly still. I redid the 6 axis calibration and still nothing seems to work. Wont allow me to click on the Frame IMU. Literally over night this happened. I was out on a job the night prior and everything was fine. I set it up in the morning and everything changed. I need some serious help asap. If there are guides or videos on how to re do all of this or how to trouble shoot please send me the links. I feel like I have watched everything and read everything available on the internet and still cant figure this out. Running on v2.43 b9. Please and Thank you!
  • It will not start acting strange without reason. Something has changed, or something is broken.

    Disconnect frame IMU physically and from GUI. See if you get the gimbal working with camera IMU only. If yes, check the Frame IMU wiring and reconnect it.

    It does not sound right though "continually spin, even when the gimbal is perfectly still" Gimbal does not be still if the indicators are spinning. how does the gimbal work?

    Really the only thing you should focus your attention is the users manual.
  • Have you performed gyro calibration gimbal perfectly still? if Gyro calibration is activated during startup, the gimbal must be perfectly still during startup.
  • yea, it still starts to freak out.
  • Have you 12C errors? If you have, probably something is wrong with IMU. Like Garug said, disconect frame IMU and try only with one camera IMU.
  • Check IMU wires and conectors with ohm meter.