Problem with 32bit DYS Board
  • Hi:

    I have been testing new 32bit boards and got hold of a DYS one. Nice case and IMU´s protection mounts. Connected it to the GUI and it doesn´t read the S/N so I can´t upgrade firmware or do anything with it. Help anyone?
  • Hi,

    Probably, the controller has damaged crypto chip. If so, you need to exchange the controller with your seller.
  • Is there a way to test it?
  • Can you clarify: does it connect to GUI? Can you read/write settings? What does it show when you trying to upgrade a firmware (press CHECK button)?
  • It connects to the GUI but keeps saying connecting. When I try to to read a line of XXXXXX is displayed on the S/N space. When I try to upgrade it gives an error message... I hvae print screen from the GUI when connected. Where can I send them?
  • Try to official version 243b9 with flash