Cametv 7800
  • I have balanced and leveled my gimbal, but when I power on it tends to drift to the left. How can I fix this?
  • Please check your RC_Yaw input !?
    If you look to the video (around the 00:06 second), you will see something happen with the input level.

    If there is nothing connected with this input, it's better to disable this option.

  • That's is me moving the gimbal to center or North. If you watch it drifts slowly to the left.
  • The RC_Yaw input drifts also a bit and the RC_Pitch looks better and stays at 1500Ms.
    What will happen if you swap these RC inputs ?

    There's also a option to play with the RC_Trim settings and set the Deadband a bit higher as normal.

    Is this drifting happen in all Profiles ? (Stabilize and/or Follow Mode)
  • This is happening in all profiles. Cametv sent me this link. Don't understand what they are doing cause it's not clear and there is no dialogue.