Ordered the parts for a HY-178 Build - How do I calculate the poles for ROLL
  • First, a quick THANKS to Aleksey and his partners for the untold hours developing and sharing this fantastic controller! I have successfully built a Brushless Gimbal in the style of the Came 7800 and used the 32 bit board with 2 IMU's. As someone who has rented the old HEAVY gyros to stabilize a camera, I can not thank you enough!

    For my second project I plan to equip a HY-178 with all brushless motors so that it can be nearly silent. My question: What do I input for NUM POLES for ROLL axis? If I am using a 12 pole brushless motor and it must make 20 revolutions to complete 1 roll of the camera should I input 240 (12x20) as the NUM POLES for ROLL?
  • Yes you should, but 1:20 reduction is probably too much.
  • Garug, Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I don't know the exact number of revolutions yet. The parts are on order.