Roll tweaking out, almost a ticking motion. (Please Help)
  • Hello Everyone

    I am having an issue tuning my 32bit board on a small GoPro gimbal with FLIR Tau 2 mounted on it. I have 3 fully working larger scale gimbals and have not come into this problem before.

    I plug in and everything is just fine. I can roll the gimbal left and right with it stabilizing perfectly, but when i rest the gimbal in its neutral position again the roll slowing starts to sag to one side and then snap back to neutral again. This carries on until i power cycle the gimbal.

    I have recalibrated the IMU, my PIDS/power seem fine and still cant get rid of this.

    Any suggestions would be great. Been struggling with this for a week now.
  • Have you Gyro calibration disactivated at startup, if not it needs to be completely stationary during startup, as it will calibrate the gyro.

    Do you have joystick connected so that it can control also Roll. Roll joystick needs to be separately calibrated.