Alexmos 32 bit V3.0 with 0000000 as SN
  • Hi guys, i have a really big problem,

    I tried to connect RC Pins to my receiver (a FRSKY TFR8SB), to power my receiver i plug an rc cable to 3.3V pin on my board,

    when i power up my alexmos controller it reset and continuosly beep, after this i connect the controller to the GUI and i see that the GUI doesn't read SN but it is only 000000000000000000... and motors won't start up

    What i can do???

    Please help me
  • Probably your board is damaged (some of component, for example crypto chip). Contact your seller to solve the problem.
  • But if I try to write recovery fw GUI detect the chip ID
  • What is your S/N after recovery?
  • The same: a lot of 0
  • then see my first message in this thread
  • :( okkk thank you
  • I don't kwon what i do but my Alexmos 32 bit is resurrected :D