Will not take PWM from Graupner HoTT receiever
  • I am unable to control pitch by connecting to a GR-16 reciever. Tested output with servos, the GR-16 is programmed for 20ms PWM (standard), I've never seen a servo or other equipment that does not handle it. That includes multiple OSD's , and MinimOSD (also Arduino-based) , and my own Arduino electronics , that uses "pulseIn("

    What can be the reason here? - If I connect it to a simple servo-tester - it works.
    Config is:
    Source: PWM
    Roll-no input
    Pitch RC_PITCH
    the other settigs are default, the channel droplists are all at "-"
  • problem solved, it seems 3v3 level PWM was too low for this board. - too much input protection
  • no.. the input have no resistors, it's stright on the 328's pin, how can it be it does not work ?