• First happy new year to all.

    1st Idea : it will great to have the real time graph in a separate window, this will be very helpfull for PID tuning process

    2nd idea : it will be nice to put (I'm not sure how to formulate it but...) a "Are your sure you want to Calibrate ACC" option, warning window, when you press the CALIB.ACC button, it will avoid to re do the ACC CALIB process if you click this button by mistake.

  • Hello,

    First Idea is already planned for realisation.

    Second idea was released in last GUI (2.43b9). Now for calibrationg dialog window opens and you never will do mistake.

  • Great news !!

    For idea n°2, I just realise I didn't update the GUI thats why I haven't seen it, so my mistake.