Smoothnes problem on PITcH
  • Hi everyone , this is my first post and want to say Hello :)

    Now back to the case/problem.

    Gimbal - very stiffy alu gimbal for large cameras
    AlexMos 32bit from DesireRC
    Yaw ipower 8017 12T
    Roll and pitch tmotor gb85-1 90T

    Main problem is with smootnes of pitch movement - You can see it on screen as orange color.
    For the clarification on prtscr I've moved RC pitch chanel but same problem is with stabilisation.

    What I do :
    -motor replacement didn't change anything
    -motor work same in hand (deatached from frame)

    PID 7 0,02 9 power 150 42poles

    Could someone help with this .


  • Anyone !!!! Any clue ? Please !
  • I am using GB85-1 on pitch and it works mostly ok. there is some jitter as you describe and medium speeds, Slow speed and fast speed are very good.

    See slow speed testing here:

    I have GB90 on yaw and it has a bit worse problem on medium speeds, but once again slow and fast panning with joystick is really smooth.

    My current camera is GH4 with speed booster and canon 24-105 F4 lens. Stiffens of the gimbal is relative. If you have a really stiff gimbal you should be able to get much higher PID values. Filters might help on that. Here you can also see the PID values I use.


    How is your camera installed? Firm camera installation is extremely important for good performance.

    I think there is some problem on the current FW causing these vibrations at medium speed, maybe it is in combination with a high pole count motor, I hope there will be a solution to this, but your vibrations look really bad.

  • Mogway28, hi!
    you may also try to switch motors with roll and pitch inputs on the board and change the corrsponding outs in gui. For one more check

    But i guess it's because of your pid settings. Have you tried other pid values? 7 0,02 and 9 are really small values