Filters Guide
  • Hello everyone im trying to but filters on my gimbal but i cant find a guide how to translate the jitter from the real time data at hertz ...
    can somebody give me some simple directions how to do that i have read the manual but i cant understand it .
    thank you
  • Hello,

    You should read carefully the manual. The information there is clear enough.

    Start from example -"Example: my gimbal works stable, but, when camera tilts downward 60 degrees, strong vibration occurs and does not allow to increase gain of PID" and so on.
  • Yes I agree I have a problem with yaw axis when I move with the half speed the gimbal jitters what I have to write at filters from my real time data ? Example - or + 510 ? How can I translate it at hertz?
  • Post your data from graphics RMS_ERR_* and FREQ_*
  • in the last GUI, 2.42b7, didnt shoe FRQ_....... any tip? i update the 32bits board, ans still didnt show FREQ_....
  • Fgriese, just tick the "Recieve extended debug info" in monitoring tab