beholder NEXt
  • hey -
    just got a new beholder NEXt gimbal . there is two problems:
    1. only when i locate the IMU unit on the top of the camera - the gimbal is stable and balanced ( the unit need to be at the bottom by the instruction ...)
    2. i download the GUI 2.4 B7 version - and the silicon lab driver - the computer recognized the USB well but the GUI program no recognized the connection - it stack on connectin to COM4 ...( gimbal battery connected )

    thank you for your help!
  • hello, idan.

    first off, i would say that any seller must sell products ready to use. I would recommend you to contact seller to solve your issue by exchange the product or providing appropriate instruction.
  • no answer .... that why i ask here :)

  • 1. Actually it's not so important where is located IMU - bottom or top

    2. Try another computer. Probably, something is wrong in configuration of yours.
  • thnak you.
    1. but when i locate the IMU at the place it shoud be - gimbal is not stabalized himdelf.
    2. already done - not working.... there is a way to reset the care manually ?
  • 1. it means that the gimbal is not configured properly. Maybe not balanced or something else. It is tough to detect what is particular wrong on distance.

    2. Could you send link on page where you have purchased your gimbal? I need to understand which version of the controller is used.
  • you solve my connecting problem :)))
    i just understand that i bought the version with other unit .....
    next time only BaseCam!!

    thanks alot