sensor placement
  • I am new so pardon my ignorance. I have a 32bit unit with aluminum case with 2 imu's. 1 imu has a cable and 1 has 2 connectors to accept cables. Can i use either imu for frame or cam or do they have specific designations? The documentation is confusing. I have the unit with the permanent cable installed under the camera upside down with the cable exiting behind or opposite the direction of view of the cam. Is that acceptable? what should the Axis Top setting be ? What should Axis Right setting be ?
    Thank you
  • It is just that some of the arrows need to point up or down and other left or right and how it is installed is configured on GUI.

    The Frame and Camera IMUs need to have different addresses. Refer to users manual.
  • Thank you for your reply Garug,
    As I stated, my unit is the 32 bit in aluminium case, it comes with 2 IMUs both of which are NOT OPEN PCB boards but are sealed units. The users manual does not mention these sealed IMUs but only mentions how to change the address on open PCB boards, dont assume I did not read the manual. I have read and now memorized the manual but sadly the manual appears to have been written by a child with very little knowledge of the english language. If there was proper documentation I am sure many more of these devices would be sold. Does anyone know of some proper documentation for this device? I paid $200.00 USD and the device is completely unstable and unusable. I am sure it is a great device if properly configured but without legible documentation its very difficult.
  • If i may ask a few questions,
    12C errors, the number keeps rising, if I disable frame IMU they stop, yes the cables are tight, can improper sensor mount cause these errors ? I still have not gotten a correct answer from my first question which is frame sensor ?
    What document states acceptable input voltage ? 6S ok?
    I can't get calibrations but I know if basic set up is incorrect calibration will not work
    After calibrating the gimbal keeps moving is that normal ?
    The GUI says 3 or 4 seconds for calibration is that correct ?
    am I supposed to hold the gimbal and stop it from moving during calibration ?

    can i post pics or video here ?

    again Thank you in advance

  • Not all controllers can take 6S, almost no gimbal requires 6S. 4S is enough for most.

    The I2C errors are caused by electrical interference. One big interference source is the motor wires. Keep the IMU wires far from them and using Ferrite rings on the wires help.
  • I am aware most gimbals do not require 6s but i prefer to not add any additional weight like dedicated battery or voltage requlator/reducer, if the board can handle 6s i can reduce POWER and P in the GUI but the documentation is so poor that it is hard to determine if the board can accept 6s , doe alex mos or any employees ever read this board? Sad that the documentation and support is non existent
  • From very begining on this page (http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32bit/) was mentioned that 32bit board supports 8–25 V (3s-5s LiPo)