Uneven rotation on pitch motor, "notchy" movement
  • Hi all. I'm new to this forum and SimpleBGC board. I've managed to set up my 3-axis DYS Gimbal and the Board with fairly good results, just tuning out the odd shake and jitter. One this I don't seem to be able to cure is an odd "notchiness" in the pitch motor. It is almost as if the motor "steps" in increments rather than rotates smoothly. I've set the poles, balanced everything, etc. The question is - is there a setting on the board that affects this other than the "poles" setting? My other thought is that maybe I need to crank up the power above the 100 setting I'm using. Any tips or input would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Check if You have small jitter with RC connected - and if You do, try disconnecting RC input. I have some small jitter in pitch motor when RC input (PPM or PWM) is connected. Movement isn't smooth either. I have 2-axis flyduino/viacopter board with 3rd axis addon.
  • Try raising the power but please check the balance...sometimes the balance does this...