Detailed build Blog and info
  • I just posted a really detailed Blog about my build of a SimpleBGC AlexMo Hand Held gimbal for large cameras. I am looking for help and correspondence with other builders or anyone who'd like to share experiences with set up and programming, balancing and so on. Here is the link to 4 parts so far:

    Working title is Joda Rig camera gimbal

  • Hi, here is my detailed hand held tutorial on SimpleBGC software settings!

  • You are a god amongst men.

    now if i can juuuuuust get the bluetooth working :-)
  • Now if I can JUST convince you to get a PC to program SimpleBGC already.
  • Hi Dave,

    I just posted and you have done a great job getting my oriented around my project hope to be talking with you soon about my project...

  • I plan on moving my info from DIYDrones moderated blog to here where I can post a video without someone saying "Your blog will not be approved". What dicks.
  • My dude John films a wedding in Miami South Beach. Brides have big bucks.
  • That last one was for the chicks, this one is for the men...American Muscle Power...via gimbal
  • hi how comes you closed your post on Diy Drones?
  • They didn't want me posting videos like the one above. As the blog is moderated and each blog post is approved or rejected. In my case I got tired of them being rejected. They told me the "community was not interested" in the first video done by my build partner John. The one above with the wedding.
  • well from experience it not personal just some of the moderators a dum asses. they find every excuse to turn you down at there wim. RC groups is better place to post you stuff, your posts are entertaining and helpfull.
  • Hi Dave, great cars and great video. Would you mind if we publish it on our site (basecamelectronics.com)?
  • Thanks. You Can share it any way you'd like.
  • OK So, DIYDrones is gone. But the pheonix rises and now the DIY Gimbal has a DIY Blog home at www.jodagimbal.com for everyone to engage in this project togther in one place. Please check it out and see if I need to tweak. I have not tried having anyone actually use for forum. Ha.
  • oops need http for links? http://www.jodagimbal.com
  • Hi Dave,
    May I know what method mount the monitor on your giambl? I search few days and still no idea.

  • Hi, we purchased a really nice DP4 monitor from SmallHD. This is a high end production monitor with 800 pixel rez. I have it mounted on a CF tube clamp with a small extension riser. From that I insert a 1/4 20 thumb screw into one of the monitor's numerous mounting bolts. Then HDMI cable to the camera! It runs for a long time on Canon batteries
  • Hi Dave,
    I so appreciate your detail information. That's really useful for me.
    And I'll keep follow your Blog, many useful idea. Cheer~
  • hi dave,
    I tried to register on jodagimbal.com, no luck so far, and its kinda hard to find the signup or register link. I would like to help you on the wordpress thing, am not that pro guy tho :). inbox me your email, i have stuff to send u.