Error Message When Clicking on "Check"
  • I am trying to upgrade the firmware on a 32bit 3 Axis gimbal. I can connect to the gimbal, and a do all of the functions (calibrate, change settings). The issue is when I try to check for a new upgrade Firmware I get a pop-up window that said:
    Error checking latest version: java.lang.Exception: This device is not registered in the system

    I currently have FW 2.40 b7. I have tried to upgrade to 2.41 b5 and 2.42 b6 and I get the same error.
    I have tried it on 3 different windows computers 2 (Win8) and 1 (win7)

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Are you using the correct GUI software, they have to be matched. Make sure you download both.
  • I'm using GUI v2.42 b6. Your saying that I have to download GUI v2.40 b7 in order to upgrade?
  • v2.40 b7 works only on 8bit boards. It means that you have 8-bit'
  • The 8-bit boards supports 3 axis?
  • Yes, for that you need extension board - http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc3axis/