uncontolled movements / gimbal shaking
  • hello everybody,

    i bought the IMP 3Axis Brushless Gimbal W/ AlexMos Controller from rctimer.com: http://www.rctimer.com/product-1072.html

    But the gimbal is always shaking and do uncontrolled movements.
    see the video:

    i hope somebody can help me. thanks!
  • Have you carefully done the basick setup? It looks like there is something wrong with the basic setup.

    Also, the gimbal should be attached.
  • Try recalibrate gyro. If it doesnt help try use defaults and then enter again all you settings.
  • See if upping the power to the axis that doesn't hold helps. That happened to me once. Default I think was 50 and roll would shake like it had parkinsons. Upped the motor power to 100 and problem solved.