Running IMU through slip ring
  • Hello everyone!

    Has anyone tried running IMU cable through slip ring without getting I2C errors?
  • Hi!
    Yes, my imu wire going trough sliprning on the pitch arm without problem.

  • Are you using ferrite rings at both ends of the IMU cable? Very important.
  • No, only at the board.
  • running imu trough one hollow shaft. No unpredictable results
  • Slip ring contacts are not perfect, especially when they get older and are rotating. So even if one gets it working now, it could later on be problems. This is one of the reason I am avoiding them.

    My question would be why to run I2C trough them? the only axis I see beneficing rotating more than 360 degrees is Yaw on arial gimbal, usually the board is below that and I think second IMU works better below Yaw.

    If second IMU is needed above yaw and limitless yaw rotation in needed, then I understand the need, but maybe it would be good to keep the second IMU below the yaw and use FC connection. PWM signal would go trough the slipping much better than I2C.
  • not even using the slip ring. wires just snaked trough the rather large hollow shaft.
  • Today i was testing continuous 360 on yaw. And yo know what? slip rings sucks!

    The idea was to use hollow shaft motor with slip ring to deliver wires to battery and joystick above yaw. Within a day some wires on 2 slip rings stop working. First i assumed that the amperage from battery is too high for these thin wires (for sure). But then even power wires from joystick stop working.

    So now i've abandoned the idea of continuous 360 - as slip rings seem to me really unreliable. Maybe large diam slip rings work better but these 12mm just suck. get away from them! haha
  • Have had no problems with mine so far but I don't believe the quality is that good so it doesn't surprise me that some people are having issues, I am not aware of a quality manufacturer of these.