Gimbal does nothing on power up 8bit
  • I supply power to the gimbal and it steady (not fast) flashes green light and red is constant. Normally it should try to engage the motors but it doesn't...just sits there. The motors work, I can get them moving if I have the gimbal plugged into my pc and hit the (Motors ON/OFF) button. Any ideas why the motors won't engage on power up?
  • Hi !

    If you set motors off in the gui, then when turning the gimbal on (if disconnected from PC), the motors won't be engaged. Be sure your motors are on in the gui before deconnecting the gimbal from the PC;


  • Motors are on....ok, figured out if I tell it to skip the initial gyro calibration at start-up it works or if I have it upside down during the initial start-up gyro calibration it works....that's strange