how to downgrade from 2.41b4
  • I have a CAME7000 gimbal (32bit alexmos board upgrade)

    I upgraded to 2.41b4 because I thought it would be better but my gimbal goes nuts even with all PIDs set to zero if P = 1 for Roll

    so I wanted to go back to a known 2.40b8 settings...however I don't see any way to downgrade

    Even if I do this - http://www.basecamelectronics.com/company/blog/show/?newsid=80
    The only thing that does is WIPE the board - I'd still need a 2.40b8 hex file somewhere and I don't see them anywhere...

    anyone know where I might find one?
  • In my experience the 32bit board it is not working properly. I have gimbals with 8 bit boards working with RED Epic fine, but the 32bit boards just go crazy. I had one working more or less ok but I switched it off and after 2 hours switched it on again and it went crazy. Couldn´t get back to normal ever again. Surely there are problems with the boards of FW.
  • I have the same problem, i can't find 2.40b8 firmware anywhere
    any ideas?
  • You can downgrade firmware via automatic update.
  • It's easy you can do it via automatic update but it works only on windows because the process launches some .exe files (i have a mac and i installed windows xp on vmware).
    press check and select the firmware from the dropdown menu
    it worked for me