Bluetooth Fix
  • For all those who have the constant 'connecting...' issue where the bluetooth module seems to never connect to the GUI, heres a fix that worked for me (with Mac , parallels and the latest 2.3b5 FW and 2.3b4 GUI.

    I reversed the TX and RX wires and it connected, doesn't seem to matter the baud rate now and is connected and giving live data via BT

    Not sure what the deal is with the board or BT unit pin markings but this was at least a fix for me!
  • Tx of BT module goes to Rx on controller and Rx to Tx, this is the correct way anyway.

    Which BT module are you using? is it 5v or 3.3v?
  • well the labelling is completely counter intuitive to my brain anyway so others may have had the same issue. I'm not sure what bt module, theres so many around, simple arduino one
  • Tx = transmit, Rx=receive.