Newb here... Hello
  • Hello all.

    Yes i'm a newb. I am patiently reading everything on this BBS and after joining late into the night find myself returning this morning to not understand what I am up against. Here is my story.

    I am about to build a OCTO mutlirotor.
    I want to build a 3 Axis Camera Gimbal powerful enough for a RED and position the camera from a RC Radio Controller on the ground.

    Here is what I've found.
    iPower Gimbal Brushless Motor GBM8017-120T

    Here are my questions concerning the stabilization controller:
    Is it required or recommended that the same motor be used on all three axis?
    Is there a concise summary of the steps to get the controller board operational?

    (I see alot of questions about not being able to get things working for one reason or another and it seems people just don't have the information they need...)

    What basic adjustments are required to get the various motor choices people have to work correctly?

    Finally, with the stabilization working satisfactorily, what is the recommended minimal RC radio controller needed to position the camera for the operator.

    Thanks in advance for any assitance you can provide.
  • You may want to look in one of the RC Groups Aerial Photography forums where there are many people building UAV's. This forum is sort of new. Check out DIYdrones.com or HeliFreak.com. The SimpleBGC control GUI and AlexMos boards will work with most gimbal motors. For a heavy payload like a Red, I'd get the biggest ones you can find...like the ones Freefly systems are using. At least iPower 180T.
  • Hi Dave,

    Yes thanks. I have a fairly good handle on the drone situation. The Gimbal is my next tasking. Thanks i'll look at the 180T.
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