Advice needed before build - complete beginner.
  • Hi. I am hoping someone here will be able to tell me whether my ideas for this project are feasible before I start chopping and soldering!

    I wil be buying a (goodlucksell) 3-axis gimbal and am hoping to mount it with a GoPro on a pole (3 ft or so) for use snowboarding. I will enclose the camera and any electronics in a thin waterproof membrane or perspex case. I want to mount the power supply in the handle and have a joystick or button pad to enable me to control the yaw - i.e. to override follow me when needed. I also require that when the camera is lifted high the camera will point down (in order to film the subject) and when camera is down low will angle slightly upwards for the same reason. I have watched hours upon hours of youtube video I hoped might give me the answer but to no avail.

    Simply put - it this do-able and if so, do you have any tips or diagrams?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hi!

    1) Does this gimbal made for GoPro like cameras or it's a huge gimbal for dslr? If you want to buy huge gimbal for gopro it won't be steady.
    2) If it's balanced properly and the PIDs are awesome then it won't be a proplem to use a pole for huge gimbal. But i am not sure about steady motion with the pole if you use small gimbal for lightweight cameras.
    3) If there is 8 bit board you need to buy 5v joystick, if it is 32 bit - then 3.3 v. You can order it on ebay (just search something like "joystick arduino")
    4) I was also invetigating on inserting batteriesinto frame. So you need custom shape battery: for example to create 3 custom lipo you will need 3 3.65V batteries (like Panasonic NCR18650b) and controller for them - the you wire them and custom shape lipos is ready to use. But imo it's better to buy standard batteries. Because its safer, its easier to replace.
    5) If you have joystick you can rotate gimbal in 2 directions i.e. yaw and pitch - so pointing tha camera won't be the problem