How to recover firmware on your 32-bit board - Flash pins -
  • I've some problems with upgrading / flashing the 32bits board to 2.41b5, the auto upgrade didn't work for me, so i tried the manual way.
    From that moment, i've no connection to the board anymore via the comport. Green and red led is solid.
    I would like to start the recovery method, but i cannot find the flas pins to put a jumper on it (step 3 in the manual.
    See the link for a picure of which board i have: http://www.rctimer.com/syssite/home/shop/1/pictures/productsimg/big/963.jpg
    i've bougth this board incl. a gimbal at Rctimer http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goodspic.dwt&goodsid=1079
    only for a GoProHero3+ kit.
    I hope somebody will help me to solve this issue for me, thanks anyway.
  • ?? are you sure this is a 32bit board and not a 8bit board?
  • this is 8-bit board
  • Ok, thats explains a lot to me, i was pretty sure that i bought a 32bit board, but last week i was doubting about it, thanks for this info.
    Now i can figure out how i had to restore the software to get on again
  • just open the GUI and not connect Comport connection, because that didn't work for me anymore, and select the rigth HEX file via Firmware Upgrade and push the button FLASH.
    Now the board is working again with sw 2.40b7, now i've had to get the YAW working, that's for me the hard part of it, 2Axis is working ok, but the yaw is giving me a headache.