Homemade gimbal: need some advices
  • Hi all !

    Glad to join the alexmos driven gimbals community.

    I recently finished my homemade gimbal. It's got three DYS 5208-75 and a 4S battery.

    I think I'll swap the yaw motor for a 5208-200 as it seems like the 5208-75 doesn't have enough torque to hold the gimbal when it's not in a "vertical" position (i.e. when I tilt the gimbal around the pitch axis).

    I made a lot of tuning tests and here comes a video of a raw footage. I'm sure the result can be much better, but I can't manage to find the perfect tuning.

    Could some experienced users give me some advice ?

  • Your follow speed is quite high. also make sure deadband is at least 5 degree, I had for long time 1 degree and it caused plenty of problems. Using expo curve could smooth it also.

    Would be good to include also sound on video as it tells a lot.

    What FW are you using? PID/Power settings?

    Pitch could probably be better tuned, I am not sure it need more powerful motor. what Power setting are you now using on Pitch? does the motor get hot?
  • Thanks for tour feedback garug. I'm using the latest FW with the 8 bits card.

    In fact, that's the yaw motor that i'll change. Pitch and roll are fine and have enough torque to hold the gimbal in position.

    Concerning the pitch, in which way could et be refined? Smoother moves? Less vibrations ?

    I'll test expo curve and verify that deadbang is over 5 degrees (I think I put 10 degrees but i'll check that when I come back home), and I'll also give you my PID.
  • I read too fast and mixed yaw and Pitch ;-)

    Your yaw seems to loose control couple of times for a moment, but that could be balancing problem, how well is the yaw balanced? It could be also just the follow speed being too high and the follow mode kicking in. Is your Yaw motor getting hot?

    I do not know DYS 5208 but isn't the -75 or -200 the turns of the motor? if so the 5208-200 is not necessary more powerful at 4S, it might require higher voltage to be powerful.

    Pitch seems to be a bit prone to vibrations (0:40).

  • The gimbal seems well balanced.

    Indeed, the -75 and -200 refer to the turns. My yaw motor is set to 180 for power and doesn't get that much hot. yaw P is around 17.
  • If it does not get too warm, you could raise the power still. Are you using voltage compensation? It is good to use to keep the power when battery voltage drop.