Simple BGC not stabilizing
  • Hi, I tried looking for a thread on this, couldn't find, so I'm starting one.

    I have the GoPro Hero3 gimbal and I am having continuous trouble trying to get it to stabilize. The tilt is sitting perpendicular and wont go horizontal. I have tried plugging it into my pc and I can't get it to appear on the GUI. Please help!
  • Ok I have managed to get it talking with my PC. Now it says I need to calibrate the acclerometer. I do not know where to do this!
  • Could you provide more details about your gimbal? Where did you buy it?
  • Hi, I bought it from Goodlucksell.com and they directed me here. I have managed to get the GUI to pick up the gimbal. I don't get any reaction from the gimbal at all. I have tried resetting to default etc.
  • As i know, goodlucksell sells fake boards. I think you should contact Goodlucksell and demand your money back.
  • Is there a way I can tell on the board if it is fake or original?
  • I managed to get things working. Now for the tuning, It seems impossible to get right, is there a base that I can start from and how should I proceed?
  • I have an issue with my pitch. The motor seems stiff even when there is no power. Is this normal?