moves like a chicken.... what should I do?
  • I bought gimbal with one BGM5208-200T-12 (Yaw) and two BGM5208-75 motors (pitch roll)

    I hooked it up with canon 5d and tamron 24-70 (total 3.5 lb or 1700g)

    2.3 b5
    the PID settings are
    R 17 0.06 11
    P 14 0.18 9
    Y 15 0.18 15

    it's properly balanced, once it turns on, it seems stable. If I give a little push on the motors, it moves like a chicken and can't stop it....
    Where can I find information how to setup PID?
    I've searched youtbe forever, and can't find really good one...
  • Are you able to show a video of what the gimbal is doing?
  • Also check the spreadsheet in the forum here to know what settings are needed if you are asking for help.
  • Sounds like there is not enough power to get back to its original position or your sensor is not calibrated properly. What is your Motor Configuration Power?
  • I had the chicken dance on smaller gimbal. I eventually found that I had the axes configured wrong in the GUI. The default settings in the GUI were for the accelerometer and gyro board to be sitting horizontal though it was was fitted vertically.
    Hope this is of help.
  • Hi, make sure also that you are in fixed mode when you setup your gains. The I on the Pan seems pretty high.. If you a re in follow mode, you have to bring back the gimbal in level and alignment position by hand as it detects angle from BEMF of motors. If you "kill" the information chain by moving the motor or axis by hand, it will not like it a lot in Follow mode.. :)
    Check also motors direction / poles number, as i said in another post, use the AUTO function to find the direction of rotation but make sure to input correctly the poles numbers.

    Best regards,