Have I burned out my roll motor?
  • Hi all,

    I have just built my first 32bit setup - and I am running it on 6s. I set the power possibly a little high on the roll motor and it got quite warm or even hot a couple of times while I was tuning, it seemed to have lots of holding power to begin with but as I got the tuning closer and better it seemed to have less power and feel quite weak.

    Could this noticeable drop off in holding power/torque with the same power setting as when I started be an indication I have cooked things a little? It still works as far as stabilization goes when it is handheld - but there doesnt seem to be much resistance there so I think it will likely lose its hold quite often in wind etc when flying.

    Anyone overcooked a motor? Was this drop off of holding power what it did?


  • Something quite similar happens to me with my roll axis...

    I don't think you burned the motor too much. I cooked several normal (not gimbal) brushless motors and it's obvious when they burn - there's smoke and smell, besides seeing copper wiring inside the motor a little melted...

    However, that doesn't mean the motor can't be damaged without anymore signs that a slightly malfunction.

    You could try with another motor to see if it behaves the same, or just mes with the configuration to see if some parameter changes the behavior.

    Anyway, 6 S is probably too much voltage, and if you set power too high (let's say above 200) the motor could be indeed damaged over time.

    Tell us how it goes. Best regards.
  • Hmmm yeah I have another 5108 120t I will put in tomorrow and see if things improve, I also have a 5208 180t I can put in if the other motor is the same bad performance.

    I had the power up at 180 briefly for a few mins but mostly around 160. The 8017 on pan and the 5308 180t Had similar power settings but didnt seem to be adversely affected. I didnt think that would be to much but maybe it was. Tomorrow will tell anyways!!!