8 bit alexmos 3 axis controler error
  • Hello to all

    I have a very annoy problem after a defective 8 bit alexmos gimbal controller i bought a new one but as u see whatever i do i can make it work please see the video and help i am desperate

  • Just FYI maybe u see accelorometer is nto calibrated but it is do the same when it also calibrated
  • 3S battery? What are your settings?
  • Was that the IMU you were holding in your hand?
  • Yes 3S battery normal settings with 6 points calibration
    Yes this is the IMU i holding
  • I would say the gimbal is working just as can be expected, when holding the IMU in hand. It needs to be well fixed to the camera an right position and the orientation configured correctly on the GUI.
  • what extractly are u mean? can u show me some pictures
  • HI. I am having the same problem with the IMU mounted to the camera. Simply spazzes out even after numerous 6 point calibrations. Any guidance or thoughts would be great.
  • Just do the one point calibration and only once. that is enough to get it operating correctly. 6 point calibration will just improve the performance if performed right. You can do the 6 point calibration after everything is first working.

    Have you followed carefully all the steps in user manual, assigning motors correctly, setting the inverted status correctly, telling the GUI how the IMU is installed etc. remember press write after changing the values.

    It is also possible that it was not only the board that was defective. The motors or IMU could be defective too, or wires.

    Do you get I2C errors, what does the real time display show.
  • Hello again I do not get I2C errors manual is not really good so any help we be appreciated
  • This is for 32 bit boards, but the basic settings are the same


    You need to follow all the setting up steps.
  • i do all this steps but i do it again