Need info on WIND BASECAM electronics 3-axis AlexMos board
  • I am having a difficult time finding any good indepth info on this authorized AlexMos basecam board.
    I have not found a thread or any discussions about it an any of the Multi-rotor sites and a google search
    did not show any specific info. Any help in this regard will be appreciated!
  • How about somebody from Basecam?????? Someone has to have some additional info
    about this WIND board.
  • What is Wind board?
  • It is an authorized 3-axis, 8bit AlexMos controller with 2 PMU's from Elite Power in China

    There is very little info about this board on the RC sites and I wanted to find out if anyone
    else has any experience with this board.
  • Why wouldn't you ask etecpower directly?
  • HI,

    are you sure it is a 8 bit controller and not a 32 bit one ?

    2 x IMU are used on the 32 bit more likely i think,

    BEst regards,