Gimbal goes nuts randomly, newbie troubleshooting
  • Hey Guys, Im looking for some advice and help here. We were recently on a shoot using our gimbal each day for an hour or so. on the third day for no reason it decides to start vibrating, jolting on the roll axis, we check a few things out and decided its time to get back onto the trusty glidecam. Not the kind of shoot we can just spend an hour teching out!

    I removed the right motor on the roll axis (its a twin motor 'red gimbal') just as a test,....and it worked. we powered on through and got some shots for 5 mins or so and then the right motor started doing the same, I powered down, reset and it would not work again.

    We are now back in the office, full firmware check and started from scratch with no luck. With motors off in the GUI there are no I2C faults.

    With motors on there are no I2C faults, and yet it goes into jitter spaz out mode.

    Any input would be much appreciated, im confidant in our rig as it was doing so well...but its safe to say the DIY route is one littered with hurdles. Once fixed this Gimbal will be for sale.

  • Having similar problems as well, interesting in hearing the solution
  • Was anything overheating? Board or motors.

    What power do you use 4S battery, or?

    It could also be something loose on the gimbal or camera, like lens hood.

    Could be also that motor wires have been damaged.
  • We are having the same issue with a 3 or 4 of our gimbals as well. Using the DYS ver 1.0 board with 3rd axis expansion board, 3S lipo, 2.4B7 FW. When it works it is incredible. It seems about 1-3 hours of intitial (combined) run time and then something happens forcing us to have to reset the controller after the gimbal begins to spaz out - once reset it will work fine for 5-10 mins and then eventually spaz out again. Each time incrementally shorter between spaz outs.

    No I2C errors, sensor connections are good, motor connections are solid, no winding issues - resistance across all ABC phases on all three motors are ~13.8-14.2 ohms. Balance is perfect.

    Not sure what is going on but it has been consistent over several units. Has anyone had issues with the crystals on these DYS boards? I just noticed that we have two slightly different board variations one board with a pin out for a buzzer one not. The one with the buzzer pin out seems to be worse...