Broken IMU or user error?
  • I am new to the board so I will start off by saying hello and thank you to anyone with input.

    Anyways I recently bought one of the gopro style gimbals with an alexmos controller and I am having what seems to be only one issue but I can't nail it down for sure because I am certainly no expert as I am new to these controllers.

    The problem seems to stem from the IMU which is doing some sort of looping behavior when its powered and gets disturbed. It doesnt matter what axis I change in the settings as its always the same loop. Calibration (long and short), gyro calibration, motor settings, or any combination of the like dont solve the problem. In addition I think that the reason it is the IMU and not the controller is that the controller will try and react/correct in tune with the loops as it doesnt go crazy chicken or anything.

    Please see the video to see the IMU loop I an talking about.

    Thanks ahead of time for any input as it will be greatly appriciated. Also corrective critisism is welcomed if you think there is something I did wrong.

  • Hi, I'm no expert either, but let's see if I can help.

    Could be a bad IMU, but we must try everything else before getting another...

    I suppose Follow mode is disabled in your profile. Try enabling follow yaw (write) and see what happens. It should stop. If not, try to set everything to 0: power, P, I and D. Then start tuning firstly power, then P and D, and then I.

    In addition, did you try version 2.30b5? If not, do it. Version 2.4b7 doesn't seem to work very well for me, especially for the yaw axis.

    Best regards.