Gimbal tuning problems
  • Hi! I just assembled my Legacy 3-axis dslr gimbal. I've calibrated the accelerometer and balanced the camera. Uploaded the latest firmware and flashed the default values. but when i power it up the camera just spins and twitches randomly. HELP!!

  • try to plug the Roll motor into Pitch port an vice versa
  • did you try the calibration for the six sides?
    test with an older firmware
  • I just went through this. If you have this set up:
    Don't even bother with latest firmware. I'd go to 2.2. I'm using 2.3 but there are problems with it as well. 2.3b5 is not stable as it will require reflashing firmware every so often. Do yourself a favor and start with 2.2.
    After your cam is perfectly balanced with battery, lens, cards filters hoods, etc make sure you press use defaults. reset your sensor orientation pref ie z, x etc. tehn do 6 point cailbration (calib acc) then start your tuning.
  • Does setting back to defaults just set all values to minimum, as a starting point? It does not set values for your gimbal that will work, correct?
  • it sets values back to default but it is recommended as per manual and aerialpixls, not sure why. you can then load your settings that were saved afterwards just make sure your x and z is correct before you write.
  • Have you set the NUM.POLES, INVERTED and Sensor Axis TOP/RIGHT correctly. Sounds like your problem is related to these. and of course Yaw, Roll and Pitch motors connected to correct ports and assigned under Advanced Tab/Motor Outputs correctly. Would be good to verify that what ever default values you have loaded, that these are correct.