2.47b Yaw
  • This has been discussed before but what's the real story. I cannot for the life of me get the yaw to work at all in 2.4 7b. I've tried everything. So far 2.3 b5 is the best I can get out of this rig.
  • For me the 2.4b7 8 bit yaw is working very well, what symptoms do you have?

    The things that are much different in 2.4 are: setting 'I' (start with 0.01), Follow mode Offset and Speed (I am not sure if 2.3 had these, anyway start with low speed 4 or so), RC settings min and max angles affect everything (I have just maxed them out), NUM.POLES need to be right (but I think it is the same with 2.3).
  • everything is a symptom. can't get anything to be stable especially yaw. i've tried so much nothing works. recalibrated acc many times too.
  • mainly yaw comes on when it wants to. can;t calibrate it because of this. but in 2.3b it works fine
  • this thing is so random. 2,3 b5 i can get super stable shot but if I rotate past so many diegrees it goes nuts. I can for the life of me get follow mode to work on pitch/roill. why is it so organic. it makes no sense at all. it is like rolling dice