• Hi
    I am new here (real rookie). Have some basic problems.... I have simple BGC GUI v2.40b6, mut can't get connected. Gui can't find com ports?? Only bluetooth. Maby there is some basic thing that I forgot??

  • yes you need drives for the board!
  • Yes I know. I have the drivers but nothing happens.
  • Maybe wrong drivers? is it on Windows or Mac?
  • It is Mac. driver is from silabs site. BGC runs fine but ports are missing And I made recommended steps in Terminal..... And restarted whole thing...hmmm. Not working Just noticed that here is another discussion about this topic.
  • did you ever find a solution to this? I just opened another thread with the same thing. I am on a PC but I have the same problem (tried a mac downstairs in office - same issue) - can't find the port