"Sensor is not connected" mistake
  • Hello
    I recently bought 3-axis gimbal
    I downloaded 2.40bi guy and made firmware upgrade to 2.40b6
    so, when i connect the board to my PC i get "Sensor is not connected" mistake
    battery is always plugged
    the one free slot on the sensor is INT

    please help
  • same here,
  • "the one free slot on the sensor is INT" what do you mean, what board do you have?
  • That pin is not used on the IMU. Make sure you have the wire connected properly, meaning to check that ground is connected to ground, if not this will cause your error.
  • So looks like the connection is correct on yours , can this sensor break or blow at all when its disattached ones the battery is connected
  • Though it is not good practise to connect any components when power is on, I do not think this would harm them, if the connection is right and no short-circuit has been caused when connecting.

  • just replaced the sensor , still same issue
  • I guess is the controller board connections. Check the soldering points. Have you ever get it to work before?