gimbal mostly fine... sometimes jerks in roll pivot
  • hi,
    my gimbal mostly is fine working. but some times i have jerks in roll pivot. i have no idea what caused this jerks.
    maybe someone have similar problems and can help me. at least, for me, the gimbal work to 95% good. if i can remove this jerks i wold be very happy. i use latest firmware version 2.3b5.
    here is a video:

    the jerks are at:

  • That is normal...sometimes the motors are upset by wind or frame vibrations
  • ok :(, i have watch many videos on youtube with are made with simplebgc mouted on a copter without any jerks. also if they fly fast against wind. this video is not post stabilised. on youtube you only need one click to stabilise your video. maybe it would be helpfully here to know what are the limits of possibility.
    also, to debug such jerks it would be cool if simplebgc write log files during flight. i think with some acceleration and gyro logs it could be very easy to find problems. but at least, there is no memory left on controller. a small controller connected to serial which write such logs during flight would be an super debug tool for flying gimbals:).
  • Hey,
    Could you guys have a look at my post here,
    I guess it's a similar issue, but I need your advise,
  • WOlke don´t know your PID´s. Please post them to see if I can help. I would raise the P a bit.
  • hi, this roll jerk problem is solved. it was a problem with my loiter controller values. after tuning my apm pid settings this problem was gone.