Really weak roll motor
  • Hi guys,

    suddenly my roll motor (Ipower 5208 150T) got really weak and unable to keep horizont (hand held use). Since it was working great I wonder how this could be possible. Generally what can ruin a motor (apart from high temperature)? Thanks!
  • You have probably one phase missing.
  • Ok, but can this happen suddenly??
  • Pull on cables, vibrations, manufacturin fault...

    Measure each phase, shouldbe aboutthesame, also measure that there is no resistance between phases and motor metallic parts
  • Ok thanks! I checked phases and they're more or less the same...
  • Maybe then if it has been running really hot, the magnets have weaken, or something wrong with the board.
  • Uhmmm...possible something wrong with board. I'll check it!
  • Ok, checked...actually I replaced boeard and everything fine so problem wasn't the motor. So now I'd like to understand what damaged board. That motor was working at its maximum power and P but didn't get hot... I also was using high gyro sensivity and LPF set to 1. Could this have damaged the board? Today I tested it again and also the other 2 motors got weaker... Bad board or it's normal that a high amount of processing can cause this?