High Pitched Squeal
  • Hi Alex

    I have noticed on many videos, as well as my YUN-I gimbal that there is a high pitched squeal.
    I thought the was normal but I have seen some video's that don't have this sound.

    Is this perhaps a balance thing?
  • Mine squeal. I think it's normal
  • OK I get the high pitch squeal now! just the update frequency that will be able to be set in the new GUI.
  • Oh, a solution to the high pitch squeal would be incredible. The only reason I'm not fully committed to this yet is because of the sound. I'd like to use this handheld for tracking dialogue scenes but the squeal would ruin the audio, unfortunately.

    Any updates would be appreciated!
  • Kevink go to the GUI and switch the PWM frequency from low to high. It will disappear.
  • I was freaking out over this. Joined the forum, quick search, and I owe Kikojiu a beer.