Component missing - can I replace it?
  • Had a crash, and it seems a component has broken off from my "3rd axis expansion board" on my DYS GoPro Gimbal.

    I'm pretty good at soldering and have a ton of electronics crap around the house - could I solder on some replacement thingy? The PCB gives no hint about what the component was doing... one side is connected to the BAT input, that much seems clear....?

    Here's an image of the board indicating the missing component:


    Some people claim it's power regulation... I have a 7805 around the house, could I use that? Or just pipe 5v (or is it 3.3?) to one side?

    If I remove the daughter board the gimbal starts up in 2 axis mode. If I put it on, I get I2C bus errors....

  • Looks like the missing component has only 2 pins, regulators have 3, maybe a capacitor.
  • Any other ideas? Can someone power their gimbal and measure what the voltage is on either side of this component vs. ground? (You find ground on the lowest pin on any of the servo connectors).

    One side is battery voltage, other side is... what?